Ectropion Treatment

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As we age, tissue around the eye may become weak, causing the eyelid to roll outward. When this occurs, tears are not able to drain properly and when the eyes are closed, the eyelids do not meet fully which leaves the eyes overexposed. Ectropion can occur in patients that have experienced facial nerve paralysis as the result of Bell’s palsy or a stroke, trauma or scarring from previous eye surgeries. Most commonly, ectropion occurs from laxity of the eyelid tissues that worsens with time.

Ectropion may cause:

  • Pain
  • Constant tearing
  • Infections of the eye
  • Discharge or crusting
  • Corneal tissue breakdown
  • Decreased vision
  • Corneal exposure
  • Ectropion should be corrected as soon as possible before permanent damage results. Dr. McInnes can correct this problem by making a small incision in the corner of the eye to tighten the eyelid thus bringing it back into its natural position. This may be done in the office or at a surgery center with IV sedation and local anesthetic and is considered an outpatient procedure, so patients are able to return to the comfort of their own home the same day. Most patients are able to return to relatively normal activities within about a week. Sutures are removed around the same time in the office and wearing makeup and contacts may be resumed. Most insurances may cover the cost of the procedure. Dr. McInnes will meet with you for an exam and address your individual situation and discuss the risks and benefits of having surgery to help make the right decision for you. Aesthetic Eye will also pre-authorize any procedures with your insurance company for you if surgery is the right choice for you.

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