Tear Duct Surgical Procedures

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Tear Duct Surgery

Excessive Tearing

Tearing is an important function of the eye. Tears, along with eyelids and eyelashes, help to protect the eye and keep them clean and lubricated. Occasionally, the tear drainage canal from the eye to the nasal canal may become obstructed.

Blocked tear ducts may cause:

  • Constant tearing
  • Discharge or crusting of the eye
  • Infection of the tear sac
  • o clear an obstruction, Dr. McInnes can create a new opening in the drain system into the nose. A tiny silicone tube is placed in the new opening for three months in order to keep it open as it heals. This procedure is done in the operating room and is an outpatient procedure. Post-operatively, most patients resume relatively normal activities, makeup and contact usage in about a week. Most insurances cover the costs of this procedure. Dr. McInnes will meet with you for an exam and address your individual situation and discuss the risks and benefits of having surgery to help make the right decision for you. Aesthetic Eye will also pre-authorize any procedures with your insurance company for you if surgery is the right choice for you.

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