Thyroid Eye Disease

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Thyroid Eye Disease

Patients with thyroid abnormalities may develop thyroid eye disease even before thyroid function abnormalities are detected in routine lab work. Thyroid eye disease causes the tissues surrounding the eye to swell, causing the eyes to bulge. This swelling can compress the optic nerve and gradual vision loss can result.

Sufferers of thyroid can experience:

  • Bloodshot eyes that are dry and itchy
  • Pain when looking up or down and sideways
  • Swelling
  • Double vision (diplopia)
  • Bulging of the eyes
  • Impaired vision

  • To treat thyroid eye disease, Dr. McInnes can perform an orbital decompression surgery which involves the expansion of the orbit by removing bone and tissue around the eye. Once removed, the space created provides adequate room for the swollen tissue and allows the eye to move back into its place within the socket. Pressure on the optic nerve is also released.
    This procedure is done through incisions in the inside of the lower eyelid and the outside corner of the eye. This surgery takes place in the operating room and under general anesthesia. A one night stay in the hospital may be warranted in certain cases. Normal activities, including wearing makeup and contacts, can usually be resumed within about a week.
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